Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans - 2005-2007

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"A team has always an advantage over individuals. If a team of superstars is built than there is a chance to create a dinasty, i.e., a situation in which one generation leaves to the next more than it inherited from the previous one." 21 idea for 21. century, BH Dani 23.12.1999

In 2004, Hydro-Engineering Institute of Civil Engineering Faculty in Sarajevo celebrated 50 years of its existence.
On June 4, 1954 the Council for Science, Education and Culture of the National Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed decision of the University Council in Sarajevo on foundation of the Institute within the former Civil Engineering Department of the Technical Faculty.
The Institute experienced and survived many transformations within last 50 years, including the changes of state, political and economic system, changes of the University, as well as of the way of thinking about science. As a result of all these changes, the Institute exists today as a legal entity performing science-based research and consulting in the sector of water and environment on market principles for the purposes of different clients.

What is it that makes Hydro-Engineering Institute different from similar companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina? There are two key issues: personnel and science-based research work.

In the last 50 years, the Hydro-Engineering Institute has employed 32 Doctors of Science and 18 Masters of Science, together with a large number of engineers of different professions, as well as other profiles of experts. Today, our team is made of 40 highly-motivated team workers, and more then half of them are young and high educated experts of different profiles. Besides civil and hydro engineers, in out team we have also mechanical engineer, electro engineer, mathematician, chemical engineer, environmental engineer, economist, lawyer, journalist and geologist. Along with several interns, technical assistants and laboratory technicians, there are several employees for administrative and technical support.

Research and expert work of the Institute is mostly focused on solving various hydro-engineering and environmental problems for the needs of clients such as public water management companies, public utilities and other companies, ministries, municipalities, and successful private companies/industries. Different tasks from environment, water and hydro-engineering that require planning, design, on-site and laboratory research and/or training are successfully solved individually by our expert, in case of simple and small projects, or by the multidisciplinary teams of expert for more complex projects.

Vision of the future Institute’s growth and development is based on building and strengthening of research capacities and human resources. Another direction in which the Institute will go is the expansion of scope of work from water resources and hydro-engineering toward the environment by integration of technical, legal, managerial, economic, social and institutional aspects. As a research, market oriented company open to international cooperation, the Institute has plan to offer its services and transfer know-how and knowledge to clients in neighboring countries and wider.


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Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans - 2005-2007