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University of Nis
Multi-disciplinary research in the areas extending the individual scopes of the Faculties of the University of Nis 
University of Nis
DB reference 312
Type University
Research Area - Life Science - Health - Food - Agriculture - Biotechnology - IT & Telecom
Research Projects Participation in different programs of UNESCO-CEPES ("Regional University Network on Governance and Management of Higher Education in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM and FRY", 2002) and TEMPUS (UM_JEP-16129/2001 "University Management Reform in the FRY", UM_JEP-16051/2001 "Rebuilding of University International Offices", CD_JEP-17008/2002 "European Studies Curriculum Development at the University of Nis", UM_JEP-17040/2002 "Implementing Quality Assurance in Serbian Universities") 
Address Univerzitetski trg 2 
City Nis
zip 18000
Country Serbia
Name Prof. Dr. Gradimir Milovanovic
Position Rector
Phone + 381 18 257970 
Fax   + 381 18 257950