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Center for Experimental Physics, Institute for Physics
experimental techniques and models to the study of fundamental processes in physics, chemical physics and atmospheric physics and chemistry 
Center for Experimental Physics, Institute for Physics
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Type Research Institute
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Research Projects COST - 724. Group: CA 724 WG 1 Monitoring and Predicting Solar Activity for Space Weather. Subgroup: WG1 WP 12000 Solar EM Radiation Analysis. Topic: Effects of solar flares on the propagation of VLF waves in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide. Proposers: Dr Davorka. Grubor (RGF, BU) and Dr. Vida. Zigman (Politehnics Nova Gorica), Collaborators: Dr. Desanka Sulic (Military Academy Bgd), Dr. Anatolij Mihajlov, Dr Ljubinko Ignjatovic (Institute of Physics, Bgd). The collaboration is going on with help of data obtained by AbsPAL system in the Institute of Physics. The laboratory for dense plasmas of the University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris (chief: Prof. dr Y. Vitel). The collaboration is going on in the area of the interpretation of experimental results related to the transport and optic properties of dense highly ionized gaseous plasmas.The Institute V.A. Fok (Faculty of Physics of the University in Sankt Petersburg) in the area of theory of atomic collision processes (Prof. Dr A.N. Kljucarjov). 
Address Pregrevica 118 
City Belgrade
zip 11000
Country Serbia
Name Ph.D. Anatolij Mihajlov
Phone + 381 11 316 02 60
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