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Center for Theoretical Physics, Institute for Physics
Foundations of quantum mechanics, neutron and atomic interferometry, photonics, spin physics, exchange interaction in atoms, molecules and magnetic solids, physics education. 
Center for Theoretical Physics, Institute for Physics
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Research Projects Previous international collaboration- "Theory of scattering on medium energies" (1986-1992, 1998) was the joint project of the Institute for Nuclear Sciences, Orsay, France and Institute of Physics, Belgrade, supported by CNRS and Yugoslav Ministry of Foreing Affairs. Coordinators were dr. Roland Lombard (Orsay) and acad. Z. Maria (Belgrade). - Collaboration with Prof. Asim Barut, Department of Physics,University of Colorado, on various problems of Quantum mechanics and Spin physics (1986-1994). Collaboration was based on: a)The Federation Agreement between Institute of Physics in Belgrade and the International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, b) Research projects in the International center for physics and applied mathematics, Edirne, Turkey. - Collaboration with dr Jean Pierre Vigier, Institute Henri Poincare, Paris, France (1985 - 1996), on foundations of quantum mechanics, the problems of complementarity and wave-particle duality. Current international collaboration 1. Scientific reserach collaboration - Prof. Herbert Rauch, Atominstitut der Osterreichischen Universitaten Wien, Austria, on interpretation of neutron interference experiments (from 1986 until now). - Prof. Leposava Vuškovia, Physics Department, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA, on various problems of atomic and large molecules interference (from 1997 until now).2. University courses Mirjana Popovia-Božia became in autom 2003 Adjunct Professor of Physics at the Physics Department, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA. In 2003 she was teaching the course Physics 203. 3. Optical metrology and holography Arthur Phelps, JILA, Boulder, Colorado, US. David Wineland, NIST, Boulder, Colodaro, US. Lute Maleki, JPL, Pasadena Kalifornija, US. Alfred Muller, University of Giessen, Germany. Emanuel Marode, Ecole Superieure D 'Electricite, Paris, France. Slovak Metrology Institute.4. The development of the project ''Physics in school architecture '', as a part of the international program for the World Year of Physics 2005. More about it on the Webb addresses :, , 
Address Pregrevica 118 
City Belgrade
zip 11000
Country Serbia
Name Mirjana Popovia-Bozic
Phone + 381 11 316 02 60
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