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Agricultural and technological research center, Institute for Research in Agriculture SRBIJA
Realization of the project tasks in the field of researching and overcoming drought problem in plant production.. Genetic material exchange aimed to plant improvement, agrotechnic investigations, introducing new cultivars and hybrids tolerant to drought into production, biotechnological methods in plant improvement, etc. Exchange of personnel, achieving new methods and using modern scientific research equipment and literature, mutual realization, publishing results. Introduction and cultivar investigation aimed to introduce new cultivars into direct production. Cooperation in seed production and commercial seed production. 
Agricultural and technological research center, Institute for Research in Agriculture SRBIJA
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Research Projects Realizing scientific-research projects having been financed by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia since 1994, dealing with the problems of drought and stress in plant production, the Center has also, established the international cooperation. This activity was especially intensive from 1995 to 1999. In that period of time, the International Symposium on drought was held in Donji Milanovac in 1996 and cooperation with related institutions from many European countries, especially from the neighborhood, was established. The cooperation Protocols (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Greece) were made and signed. The Institute delegation visited the Institute IKARDA in Syria which is specialized in researching the drought problem in agriculture. The visits to the researchers in Bulgaria and Romania were exchanged on several occasions. The Center associates participated in numerous international meetings where they presented the investigation results in this field. There were many talks and numerous efforts were made to establish the National Committee for Drought in the FR Yugoslavia and the Center in Zajecar, by its programs, to be devoted to the drought problem. After the notorious event in 1999, the before mentioned activities have been abated. The country entrance the transition process and its opening to the world have created new and more qualitative possibilities for the ideas realization. The task having priority is to make the Center in Zajecar strengthened by expert personnel, provided scientific-research equipment and adequate infrastructure.As far as business cooperation is concerned, the commercial seed of the Center cultivars (grain crops) could be found on the neighboring countries market (Romania ,Macedonia Republic Srpska).Our cultivars of wheat (Kraljevica cv.) and barley (Kristal cv.) were introduced in Romania. Besides, within the exchange procedure and establishing new cooperation links, micro experiment fields with our cultivars have been set up in many countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, France, Algeria) 
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Country Serbia
Name Ph.D. Rade Miletic
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