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Institute of economics
The Institute of Economics permanently follows up the achievement of the scientific thought in the world from theoretical, developing and applicable aspects. The activity of the Institute of Economics is performed by 34 full-time employees, of which 12 held Ph.D and 7 held M.Sc. degree. Beside them, the Institute of Economics engages great number of outside research fellows of various professions and has formed a wide network of collaboration with related institutions from the country and abroad.
Institute of economics
DB reference 615
Type Research Institute
Research Area - Agriculture - Socio-economic sciences
Research Projects Institute of Economics also has a very fruitful co-operation with many other organizations and universities from abroad. As already traditional partners of the Institute of Economics can be mention:
Address Prolet No. 1 
City Skopje
zip 1000
Country FYR of Macedonia
Name Ph.D. Antonija Josifovska
Position Director
Phone (+3892)3115076 
Fax   (+3892) 3226350