Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans

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Title Description Research Area Country
Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, University of Belgrade Sociology, religion, peace studies, inter-religious dialogue, Christianity, Islam  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, University of Novi Sad Sociological aspects development of Vojvodina and Serbia, with special view at problems of regionalism, multiculturalism, ethnicity, family, poverty and local community  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Pedagogy and Andragogy, University of Belgrade preschool education, school education, adult education, learning, training, curriculum development, quality in education.  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Art History, University of Belgrade Byzantine Art, Painting, Sculpture, Iconography  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Psychology, University of Belgrade Education, learning process, textbooks, cognitive development, social mediation in cognitive development, active learning, critical thinking  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and literatures, history, journalism, sociology, pedagogy and psycholo, University of Tuzla Languages, literature, history, psychology, journalism, communication  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis The Faculty of Philosophy comprises nine departments which define our main interests: Sebian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy, History, Journalism. Half of the departments are well-formed and with outstanding reputation, while the other half are young departments in the process of institution building.  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Physical Education, University of Nis Training session, motor abilities, exercise, physical characteristics, health  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Physical education, University of Novi Sad Development of motor abilities and skills,Relations of anthropological dimensions and efficiency of physical activities,Improvement of physical education in preschool, primary school and secondary school,Improvement of coaching process for sports,Improvement of management in physical education and sports,Sport recreation for adults, as a means of protection against medical disorders.  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Physics, Nanostructures Laboratory Chair of quantum and Mathematical Physics, University of Belgrade Nanotubes, symmetry, band structures, correlations  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade Special relativity, conductors moving in magnetic fields, electromagnetic images, spheroids, nabla  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Political Science, Institute for Social Research, University of Sarajevo   -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Faculty of Science Republic of Srpska Examination, development, application, geosphere, data base, journals, education, management  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Faculty of Science, Biology, University of Sarajevo General Biology, Biosystematics, Physiology, Biochemistry, Ecology, Biogeography, Environmental Protection, Anthropology  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Faculty of Science, Chemistry, University of Sarajevo Trace, analysis, soil, Hg, Pb, Cd  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Faculty of Science, Chemistry, University of Sarajevo Biodegradation, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorophenols, ligninolytic fungi.   -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Faculty of Science, Chemistry, University of Sarajevo Heavy metals, radioactive elements, environmental post - conflict situation, ICP - MS measurements  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Kragujevac Chemistry, environment, analysis.  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Kragujevac Mathematics, informatics  -   Serbia 
Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, University of Kragujevac Physics, environment, informatics, analysis.  -   Serbia 
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