Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans

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Title Description Research Area Country
Institute of Forestry Forest mapping supported by GIS (Forest inventory) Georeferencing forestry maps without the co-ordinate data. The job of the preparation of cartographic digital material by using several procedures is an extensive work which could possibly be offered to foreign users. It is supposed that a high number of forest maps has no co-ordinates. Georeferencing and digitalisation of maps are significant undertakings in forestry and they represent the initial base for all the subsequent procedures.  -   Serbia 
Institute of International Politics And Economics - IIPE International relations - security studies - international economics - foreign policy analyses - publishing.  -   Serbia 
Institute of Marine Biology Marine biology, chemistry, oceanography, fishery, ecology, taxonomy, ICZM  -   Montenegro 
Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGE)) Products and services developed for human and veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical and food industries, production of high value recombinant substances for the use in medicine, pharmacy and animal husbandry, genetic manipulation of lactic acid bacteria, dna genotyping, Molecular diagnostics: -   Serbia 
Institute of Musicology Westernization, Serbian music, Greek music, Balkan music.  -   Serbia 
Institute of Nuclear Research ''Vinca''   -   Serbia 
Institute of Physics Quantum theory, gauge symmetries, gravitation, ATLAS experiment, nuclear reactions, atomic systems, nonlinear optics, solitons, plasma, laser spectroscopy, low dimensional structures and materials.  -   Serbia 
Institute of Physics Experimental physics, gaseous electronics, plasma physics, atmospheric physics, environment, optical metreology, biophysics, high pressure physics  -   Serbia 
Institute of Physics Monte Carlo, Modeling of non-equilibrium plasmas  -   Serbia 
Institute of Public Health of Montenegro Epidemiology, communicable diseases, vaccines, environmental medicine, control of water, control of food, illicit drugs, violence  -   Montenegro 
Institute of Soil Science Research in the field of soil science  -   Serbia 
Institute of Transportation CIP Ltd. Research and experimental development in technical and technological sciences - Design of building structures and other structures - Engineering and other architectural and engineering activities -Ttechnical support- Spatial planning  -   Serbia 
KH Krusik-IRC Glabal Technology Sources Design, dies, signals advantahe materials,senzors,ultra fog  -   Serbia 
Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica - sole primary aluminum producer in S&M- 50% of industrial production & 80% of exports (Montenegro)  -   Montenegro 
Laboratory for Nuclear and Plasma Physics, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Radiation scission and crosslinkingo -   Serbia 
Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Physics "Gamma", Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Poly(lactide), poly(glycolide), PEG, PVP, biodegradability , biocompatibility, implants  -   Serbia 
Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Physics "Gamma", Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Poyolephines, silver- hydrogel nanocomposites, gamma rays, ion beams, thermal stability  -   Serbia 
Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Physics "Gamma", Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Structure properties, neutron scattering, chemical bond  -   Serbia 
Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Physics "Gamma", Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Nanocomposite, gamma rays, thermal stability, polyimides, coatings,quantum dots,nanocrystals  -   Serbia 
Laboratory for radioisotopes, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Radiopharmaceuticals, gamma emiters, biodistribution, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, nuclear medicine  -   Serbia 
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