Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans

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Title Description Research Area Country
-, Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca Fundamental and applied research on the pulverized coal and biomass combustion and gasification. Kinetics of coal combustion and gasification, experimental and modeling work. - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Department for High Energy Physics, Institute of Physics ATLAS Muon Spectrometer, Moore, Muonboy, Combined analysis, higgs, muon, search for the supersymmetry  - Energy   Serbia 
Department for Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Molten salts, phase transitions, solar energy, thermal energy storage, phase change materials, thermochromic materials, passive solar buildings, energy saving, renewable energy sources.  - Materials & Production - Energy   Serbia 
Department for Thermal Engineering and Energy, Institute of Nuclear Sciences - VINCA Contribution in several projects funded by Ministry of Sciense and Environmental Production, Republic of Serbia. Projects are dealing with problems concerning Energy Efficiency in Power Plants, Energy Savings, Environmental Protection, Renewable Energy Sources...  - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Department of Material Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Research ''Vinca'' Material Sciences, Studuying the phenomena taking place during solid state as well as liquid phase sintering of oxides and non-oxides. Additive effect on the phase equilibria and properties. Solid state reactions activated by introducing mechanical energy into the system. Orriginally developed methods for nanopowder syntheses predominantly for SOFC components.Structural and microstructural studies of ceramics. Mechanical properties first of all fracture toughness.  - Materials & Production - Energy   Serbia 
Department of Thermal Engineering and Energy Research, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Mathematical modeling, radiative heat transfer, Finite Volume Method, Monte Carlo Method, particles radiation, Mie Theory, combustion, Computational Fluid Dynamics.  - Energy   Serbia 
Development and Investments Dept., JSC "Macedonian Power Plants", AD ELEM, Our department is responsible for development of short-term and long-term energy strategy for our company which main activities are in the field of electricity power generation, either usign thermal power plants (mainly lignite fired), and small and medium hydro power plants. Development of desing, and estimation of feasibility of any new power plants, development of tender documents and international public offers. We also supervise construction of new power plants. Part of our activities is focused on the rehabilitation, upgrade, refurbishments and re-fueling of our existing power plants, including combined cycle gas-fired plants and co-generation of heat and power. We have over 50 years of experience in the enegy field and large history of collaboration with other similar institutions in the country and abroad.  - Energy - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Department of Power Engineering, University of Nis Electric machine, power converter, electrical drives, power system, power quality  - Energy   Serbia 
Faculty of Mining and Geology, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Research in field of mining, development of new methods and technology of exploitation of metals, non-metals, coal and dimension stone. Development of new methods for environmental protection, ways of landscape modelling etc. Geotechnical exploration, measurement assessment of the geotechnical and environmental factors etc.  - IT & Telecom - Materials & Production - Energy - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Mathematics & Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Ecology, Geography, University of Nis The research is dedicated to results in modern mathematics, computer science, theoretical and applied physics, general and industrial chemistry, biology, micro biology and ecology, geography, demography and tourismology.  - Life Science - Biotechnology - IT & Telecom - Materials & Production - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Faculty of Technocal Sciences Bitola, Technology transfer center, Euro-Regional Technology Transfer Center Bitola (ETC Bitola) 1.Provision of technology transfer services from the experts of Faculty of Techical Sciences toward the companies in the region. Professional areas that FTS staff offers applicative services in through ETC, offer applicative solutions in the following fields: - Food - Agriculture - Biotechnology - IT & Telecom - Materials & Production - Energy   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad Carbohydrate food, food preservation, food biotechnology, pharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering, oil and petrochemical engineering, polimer material engineering, inorganic material engineering, quality control, biochemical engineering  - Health - Food - Biotechnology - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production - Energy   Serbia 
FC Electricity Supply, The Electric Power Industry of Montenegro Research and Engineering Division Electricity supply and sale, regional and lokal electricity market, contracts with producers and consumers of electricity  - Energy   Montenegro 
Institute for Physics Precise measurements of the Standard Model parameters in particle physics at the - Energy   Serbia 
Institute Jaroslav Cerni Hydraulics, hydrology, hydrogeology, engineering of soil classification, mechanics of structures and geotehnics, groundwater hydrology and hydraulics.  - Agriculture - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Institute Mihailo Pupin Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP), is a leading Serbian and Montenegrin R&D institution in information and communication technologies, the biggest and the oldest in the whole South Eastern Europe area. The institute was founded in 1946 and has about 250 researchers. At the IMP the projects of critical national importance have been conducted, combining systems engineering and information technology to develop innovative solutions in the area of electrical power system management, water supply management, environmental GIS and DSS, e-government, information systems for public administration services, traffic control, etc. For projects on a large scale, IMP assembles a team with the best mixture of expertise appropriate to that specific engagement. IMP is currently undertaking its major transformation towards Science and Technology park, which makes him a valuable partner for STEP4INCO initiative. - IT & Telecom - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Institute of nuclear science Vinca Plasma technologies application in thermal power plants - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Laboratory for Thermal Egineering and Energy, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Numerical simulation and mathematical modeling of two-phase flow and heat transfer in process and power industry  - Energy   Serbia 
Laboratory for Thermal Egineering and Energy, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca Fluidized bed combustion of biomass and waste - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy Research, Institute of Nuclear Sciences "VINCA" * Plasma technology for ultra fine ceramic powders synthesis and plasma technologies application in thermal power plants - Energy - Space & aeronautics   Serbia 
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