Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans

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Title Description Research Area Country
-, Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca Fundamental and applied research on the pulverized coal and biomass combustion and gasification. Kinetics of coal combustion and gasification, experimental and modeling work. - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Center for Atomic and Subatomic Physics, Laboratory for Atomic Collision Processes, Institute for Physics Atomic physics, electron - atom (molecule) collisions, vacuum technology  - Life Science - IT & Telecom - Nanotechnologies - Environment   Serbia 
Center for Atomic and Subatomic Physics, Laboratory for Atomic Collision Processes, Institute of Physics Electron scattering, biomolecules, atomic and molecular collisions, excitation, ionization  - Life Science - Nanotechnologies - Environment   Serbia 
Department for Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Stable isotopes, authenticity, tritium, carbon-14, application of environmental isotopes, infrared spectroscopy.  - Environment   Serbia 
Department for Thermal Engineering and Energy, Institute of Nuclear Sciences - VINCA Contribution in several projects funded by Ministry of Sciense and Environmental Production, Republic of Serbia. Projects are dealing with problems concerning Energy Efficiency in Power Plants, Energy Savings, Environmental Protection, Renewable Energy Sources...  - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Departments of Public Health / Poverty Reduction / New Media and Society, Center for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation "Studiorum" CRPRC “Studiorum” is a non-governmental and non-for-profit organization, working on different aspects of the European - Health - Environment - Socio-economic sciences   FYR of Macedonia 
Development and Investments Dept., JSC "Macedonian Power Plants", AD ELEM, Our department is responsible for development of short-term and long-term energy strategy for our company which main activities are in the field of electricity power generation, either usign thermal power plants (mainly lignite fired), and small and medium hydro power plants. Development of desing, and estimation of feasibility of any new power plants, development of tender documents and international public offers. We also supervise construction of new power plants. Part of our activities is focused on the rehabilitation, upgrade, refurbishments and re-fueling of our existing power plants, including combined cycle gas-fired plants and co-generation of heat and power. We have over 50 years of experience in the enegy field and large history of collaboration with other similar institutions in the country and abroad.  - Energy - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Forestry, Chair for Forestry Economic and Organisation, Faculty of Forestry - Belgrade University Forest value estimation, forestry investments rentability estimation, forest products market analysis, expirience in research of ecological and economical aspects of production in forestry - Environment - Socio-economic sciences   Serbia 
Faculty of Metallurgy and Chemical Technology, University of Montenegro metals, testing, chemical technologies, organic, unorganic  - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production - Environment   Montenegro 
Faculty of Mining and Geology, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Research in field of mining, development of new methods and technology of exploitation of metals, non-metals, coal and dimension stone. Development of new methods for environmental protection, ways of landscape modelling etc. Geotechnical exploration, measurement assessment of the geotechnical and environmental factors etc.  - IT & Telecom - Materials & Production - Energy - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Institute of Biology, Ss Cyril and Methodius University Identification of lignicolous fungi, humano-toxic macromycetes, hallucinogenic fungi in the Republic of Macedonia, eco-taxonomic research of fungi , distribution of lignicolous macromycetes, parasites and saprobes on Juniperus spp. and Pinus peuce, medicinal species of macromycetes recorded in the Republic of Macedonia, Country Report of the Republic of Macedonia, preliminary red list of macrofungi in the Republic of Macedonia, macrofungi associated with conifers. Anticarcinogenic and antiatherogenic activity of different fungal extracts typical of the region of Balkan Peninsula.  - Life Science - Health - Food - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Zoological Dpt., Bird Study and ProtectionSociety of MAcedonia Avifauanistuical studies; Monitoring activities and inventories; - Life Science - Environment - Socio-economic sciences   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Pharmacy, Institute of Toxicological Chemistry, University of Belgrade In vivo investigations of interactions between toxic metals and bioelements. Antagonism between toxic metals and magnesium - the effect of supplemental magnesium and its possible use in therapy and prophyilaxis of metal intoxications. Mechanisms of toxicity, especially of metals and their interactions. Advances in analytical toxicology. Researches in the field of professional and ecotoxicology.  - Life Science - Health - Food - Environment   Serbia 
Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History, University of Belgrade Historical geography, medieval Bosnian state, man and nature in historical context, cultrual landscapes  - Environment - Socio-economic sciences   Serbia 
Faculty of Science, Department of Biology and Ecology, University of Kragujevac Biology, ecology, environment, analysis  - Life Science - Environment   Serbia 
Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Mathematics & Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Ecology, Geography, University of Nis The research is dedicated to results in modern mathematics, computer science, theoretical and applied physics, general and industrial chemistry, biology, micro biology and ecology, geography, demography and tourismology.  - Life Science - Biotechnology - IT & Telecom - Materials & Production - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physics, University of Novi Sad • Investigation of rare nuclear events. - Environment   Serbia 
Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department for Graphic Engineering and Design, University of Novi Sad Graphic Engineering and Design - Environment   Serbia 
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Department of Polymer Engineering, University St.Cyril and Methodious Pulsed IR laser induced decomposition of polymers, chemical and thermal degradation of polymers, reprocessing and recycling of polymers, laser induced chemical vapour deposition of metal chalcogenides and laser ablation of polymers, laser ablative deposition of polymers with pendant functional groups  - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
FISHERY DEPARTMENT, INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL SCIENCE Reproduction of ciprynid fish in natural fluent ecosystems. - Life Science - Food - Agriculture - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
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