Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans

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Title Description Research Area Country
Astronomical Observatory Asteroids, binary stars, Galaxy, close binaries, Doppler tomography, active galactic nuclei, solar spectra, Stark broadening, molecular clouds.  - Space & aeronautics   Serbia 
Center for Experimental Physics, Institute for Physics Organic metals, low dimensional systems, behavior of materials under high pressure, dense matter in astrophysics  - Materials & Production - Space & aeronautics   Serbia 
Department of Materials Science, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Aluminides, oxidation, dry and lubricated wear, compression strength, fracture mechanism.  - Materials & Production - Space & aeronautics   Serbia 
Independent Air Traffic and Transportation Researcher Airline operations planning and management (transport demand forecasting, air route network design, flight plan design, crew sheduling, booking systems) - IT & Telecom - Transport - Space & aeronautics   FYR of Macedonia 
Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy Research, Institute of Nuclear Sciences "VINCA" * Plasma technology for ultra fine ceramic powders synthesis and plasma technologies application in thermal power plants - Energy - Space & aeronautics   Serbia 
Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy, Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinca" Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of turbulent multiphase flows with chemical reactions and heat transfer. - Energy - Environment - Space & aeronautics   Serbia