Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans

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Title Description Research Area Country
FISHERY DEPARTMENT, INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL SCIENCE Reproduction of ciprynid fish in natural fluent ecosystems. - Life Science - Food - Agriculture - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
Institute for Biological research Siniša Stankovic PRECLINICAL STUDIES: Anticancer substances, DNA ladder electrophoresis, neurobiology: anticonvulsive, antipsychotic drugs, HUMAN MEDICINE: molecular diagnostics, molecular pathology, molecular physiology, EDUCATION  - Life Science - Health - Biotechnology - Environment   Serbia 
Institute for Educational Research Pupils aggressiveness, teacher education, preshool education.  - Life Science - Environment   Serbia 
Institute for recent history of Serbia Serbia and Yugoslavia in 20th century (Politics, economy, society)  - Life Science   Serbia 
Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering Molecular biology, recombinant DNA, biotechnology - fundamental and applied research.  - Life Science - Health - Biotechnology   Serbia 
laboratory for Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Insulin, IGF-1, Ang II, Estradiol, Diabetes, Hypertension, Signal transduction.  - Life Science - Health - Biotechnology   Serbia 
Laboratory for Neurophysiology, Institute for Medical Research Medical research, experimental and clinical biomedicine: hematology, immunochemistry, citology - pathohistology, neurology, neurophysiology, endocrinology, cardiology, metabolism and nutrition, medical parasitology, bioinformatics, human kinetics.  - Life Science - Health   Serbia 
Laboratory for Nuclear and Plasma Physics, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Beam optics, beam dynamics, accelerator, cyclotron, beam emittance  - Life Science   Serbia 
Laboratory for Radiobiology and Molecular Genetics, Nuclear Institute Vinca K-ras, hypermethylation of p15, p16 and MGMT genes, translocation, bcl2/JH t(14,18), bcr/abl t(9,22), leukemia, colorectal carcinoma.  - Life Science   Serbia 
Laboratory for Radiobiology and Molecular Genetics, Nuclear Institute Vinca Oxidative stress, antioxidative defense system, Selenium, Trace elements relevant for antioxidative defense system, ionizing radiation, environmental pollution, hazardous chemical agents.  - Life Science - Health - Food - Agriculture - Environment   Serbia 
Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Endocrinology, Nuclear Institute Vinca Steroid hormones, antioxidant enzymes, irradiation, stress, cancer, diagnostic, therapeutic approaches.  - Life Science   Serbia 
Laboratory of Physics, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Former activities:nuclear rectors, neutron transport theory, collision probability, simulation of neutron transport, neutron diffusion theory, neutron leakage models.Actual activities:high LET irradiation, simulation of proton transport, human malignant cells, radio-resistance of cells, anticancer drugs, cell survival, apoptosis, cell cycle phase redistribution.  - Life Science - Energy   Serbia 
Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca Our four-member research group is the most relevant in Serbia & Montenegro in the area of single-crystal X-ray crystallography. Three points dominate in our research: - Life Science   Serbia 
Medical, of Medical Biochemistry, Institute of Biochemistry Biology, medicine, clinical biochemistry and molecular biology, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology  - Life Science - Health   FYR of Macedonia 
School of Law Kragujevac, Center for EU Law, University of Kragujevac Law, school, education, research, branch law, science  - Life Science   Serbia 
Scientific Veterinary Institute "Novi Sad" Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Food, Feed, Drugs, Toxicology, Preventive Veterinary Medicine  - Life Science - Food - Biotechnology   Serbia 
University of Nis Multi-disciplinary research in the areas extending the individual scopes of the Faculties of the University of Nis  - Life Science - Health - Food - Agriculture - Biotechnology - IT & Telecom   Serbia