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Title Description Research Area Country
Adriatic Shipyard Bijela Shiprepair  - Materials & Production   Montenegro 
BAUXITE MINE Planning, projecting, engineering, exploitation, processing  - Materials & Production   Serbia 
Center for Experimental Physics, Institute for Physics Organic metals, low dimensional systems, behavior of materials under high pressure, dense matter in astrophysics  - Materials & Production - Space & aeronautics   Serbia 
Center for Theoretical Physics, Institute for Physics Low temperature plasma physics, Nonlinear Optics, Nonlinear Dynamics  - Materials & Production   Serbia 
Centre for Solid State Physics and new materials, Institute of Physics Our research interest is mainly concerned with optical spectroscopy of wide group of materials (from semiconductors and high-temperature superconductors to insulators and magnetic materials) including nanosized materials and structures also . The principal interests of the Center are vibrational properties of these materials. Present experimental methods include Raman scattering and optical measurements (from far-infrared to UV spectral range), luminescence measurements, as well as other optical measurements in a wide spectral range under high pressure and low temperature. In addition, electronic properties are investigated using Hall effect experiments. There is also a substantial theoretical effort in computing phonon and magnon dispersion of the materials under investigation. CSSPNM is equipped with different techniques for the synthesis of samples including sintering methods, sol-gel technology, single crystal growth techniques (Bridgeman, Chochralsky, floating zone, etc.), as well as thin-film technology (spattering) including photolithography and impurity doping. The topics in the focus of recent activities are the vibrational and electronic properties of low-dimensional quantum-spin systems (spin-Peierls, spin-ladder and Heisenberg chain materials), the light scattering by spin waves in copper based oxides and impurity effects in semiconductors and high Tc superconductors, light scattering in disordered systems and in nano-compozites, to mention a few. The applied projects of the Center are closely related with the above research topics and deal mainly with the development of optical materials, sensors and other components and devices using thin-film technology.  - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production   Serbia 
Department for Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Molecular Spectroscopy, molecular medicine, chemistry of carbon clusters, protein chemistry, Mass spectrometry (e-impact, Maldi, surface ionization).  - Food - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production   Serbia 
Department for Physical Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Molten salts, phase transitions, solar energy, thermal energy storage, phase change materials, thermochromic materials, passive solar buildings, energy saving, renewable energy sources.  - Materials & Production - Energy   Serbia 
Department of Material Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Research ''Vinca'' Material Sciences, Studuying the phenomena taking place during solid state as well as liquid phase sintering of oxides and non-oxides. Additive effect on the phase equilibria and properties. Solid state reactions activated by introducing mechanical energy into the system. Orriginally developed methods for nanopowder syntheses predominantly for SOFC components.Structural and microstructural studies of ceramics. Mechanical properties first of all fracture toughness.  - Materials & Production - Energy   Serbia 
Department of Materials Science, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Aluminides, oxidation, dry and lubricated wear, compression strength, fracture mechanism.  - Materials & Production - Space & aeronautics   Serbia 
Department of Solid State Physics and New Materials, Institute of Physics Single crystal, growth, melt, optical properties, IR spectra, Raman spectra, X-ray diffraction, etching, Hall measurements, carbon coatings  - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production   Serbia 
Department of Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca Nanoparticles, magnetic properties, spin glasses, x ray diffraction.  - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production   Serbia 
Faculty of Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Belgrade Synthesis, azamacrocyclic complexes, aliohatic and aromatic dicarboxylates, new methods for the chromatographic separations and mechanisms  - Life Science - Materials & Production   Serbia 
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Deartment of Production Engineering, University of Kragujevac Production technology, C technology, Quality of Management, Development of products and technologies, Advanced technology  - Materials & Production   Serbia 
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory for Production Metrology and TQM, University of Belgrade Production Metrology - IT & Telecom - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production - Socio-economic sciences   Serbia 
Faculty of Metallurgy and Chemical Technology, University of Montenegro metals, testing, chemical technologies, organic, unorganic  - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production - Environment   Montenegro 
Faculty of Mining and Geology, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Research in field of mining, development of new methods and technology of exploitation of metals, non-metals, coal and dimension stone. Development of new methods for environmental protection, ways of landscape modelling etc. Geotechnical exploration, measurement assessment of the geotechnical and environmental factors etc.  - IT & Telecom - Materials & Production - Energy - Environment   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Mathematics & Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Ecology, Geography, University of Nis The research is dedicated to results in modern mathematics, computer science, theoretical and applied physics, general and industrial chemistry, biology, micro biology and ecology, geography, demography and tourismology.  - Life Science - Biotechnology - IT & Telecom - Materials & Production - Energy - Environment   Serbia 
Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department for Industrial Engineering and Management, University of Novi Sad Robotics  - Materials & Production - Transport   Serbia 
Faculty of Technocal Sciences Bitola, Technology transfer center, Euro-Regional Technology Transfer Center Bitola (ETC Bitola) 1.Provision of technology transfer services from the experts of Faculty of Techical Sciences toward the companies in the region. Professional areas that FTS staff offers applicative services in through ETC, offer applicative solutions in the following fields: - Food - Agriculture - Biotechnology - IT & Telecom - Materials & Production - Energy   FYR of Macedonia 
Faculty of Technology and metallurgy, Department of Polymer Engineering, University "St. Cyril and Methodius Electrochemical formation of polymer films (polyaniline, polythiophene ant its derivatives). - Nanotechnologies - Materials & Production   FYR of Macedonia 
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