Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans - 2005-2007

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The main objective of the project is the development of guidelines related to researchers mobility policy in the region of Western Balkans. More specifically these guidelines will aim at the enhancement of the policy of the countries of the region to prevent the brain-drain of researchers and generally to support the research policy of the countries in the area, in terms of strategic planning for the exploitation of human resources, becoming an area of free mobility of researchers. Other objective is to create synergies acting in close cooperation and complementary to the ERAMORE Network, in terms to keep researchers in their region or to direct them within Europe, fostering the realization of the European Research Area in the region.

A consortium composed by CERTH as the coordinator and 6 more academic participants representing all countries from Western Balkan, will run the project.

It must be emphasized that the participation of the Regional Bureau for Science in Europe (ROSTE) of UNESCO as an advisory body in the decision making scheme will assume expertise and better dissemination of the results.

To achieve this general scopes, the project will focus on the following activities:

  1. To carry out an extended mapping exercise to identify the national web links from the Western Balkan countries which could be useful for the European Mobility Portal, and all the main stakeholders (Research organizations, Industry, and Ministries or Administrative Services) involved with researchers mobility.
  2. To review the existing mobility policy in EC and Western Balkan region
  3. To prepare informative material and mobility guides for all countries
  4. To organize an awareness campaign
  5. To develop researchers mobility guidelines
  6. To disseminate project’s results

The expected results of WEB-MOB project will be a significant contribution in overtaking the difficulties that will arise from the various mobility obstacles, the enhancement of the national mobility policy of the countries of the region and in addition the added value to ERAMORE network. Finally, the results of WEB-MOB project will contribute to the INCO’s General Measures and objectives, to the Lisbon mandate related to the Mobility Strategy for the European Research Area and the priorities of the Action plan for S&T Cooperation between EU and Balkan Countries of 2003

Overview of project objectives
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National expert groups
National expert groups (NEGs) consist of specialists for various project research areas. Those experts actively support project activities.
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WEB-MOB project is an
INCO FP6 project supported by
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Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans - 2005-2007