Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans - 2005-2007

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As a part of the Academy of Sciences, the role of ICEIM-MANU is to initiate and coordinate the national research programs and to perform high-level research in selected areas.

ICEIM-MANU is the focal point for Macedonia of the UN IAEA Electric Power Database and Methodologies and the UNESCO World Solar Summit Process. Also, ICEIM-MANU is Member of the International Network of Centers for Sustainable Development (comprising Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia), and the residence of the Macedonian National Committee of World Energy Council. Within ICEIM-MANU a Risk Management Unit is acting.

ICEIM-MANU has been involved as coordinator or as participant in more than 15 national, European or International projects.

The center is equipped with LAN of the high performance PCs and has full-time Internet access. Several sophisticated software packages for energy/environmental evaluations are in use, including ENPEP and DECADES, as well as IPCC Inventory package.

The permanent research staff of ICEIM-MANU includes six academicians, one senior scientist, three junior scientists and three research assistants. In addition, thirty-five collaborators from other national scientific institutions in are engaged within the ICEIM-MANU research projects.

ICEIM-MANU has established widespread collaboration with numerous domestic and foreign scientific institutions, including four Faculties from Macedonia and many research establishments from 19 foreign countries. In the past five years ICEIM-MANU staff has published 121 research papers, 98 of which in international journals, as well as numerous presentations at international and national conferences.

The role of ICEIM-MANU consists of the following activities:

  • Organization of two workshops in FYROM, as part of the awareness campaign
  • Preparation of the mobility country report
  • Review of the Mobility Legislation and policy in FYROM

Key personnel from ICEIM-MANU

Prof. Jordan Pop-Jordanov, BSc. Phil., BSc. EE, DSc. Eng., Academician, Director of ICEIM-MANU. His research interest, among others, is in the field of sustainable energy development with focus on energy and environment, renweables and energy efficiency. Professional positions: 1969-70, Chairman, Scientific Council of BK Inst. of Nucl. Sci., Vinca; 1977-79, Dean, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade; 1984-91, President, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje; 1993- Director, ICEIM-MANU.

Dr. Natasa Markovska, BSc. EE, MSc. EE, DSc. Eng., Research Fellow. Her main research interest is in solar energy, both theoretical and applicative aspects, as well as in environmental engineering, in particular, greenhouse gases analyses and climate change related issues.

Mirko Todorovski, BSc. EE, MSc. EE, Research Assistant. His main expertise concerns power system planning through development, adaptation and use of software packages for energy/environmental evaluations.

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Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans - 2005-2007