Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans - 2005-2007

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The group has 40 years of experience in mobility, being partially started by a visiting professor, Prof. Naim Afgan, at that time at Vinca Institute in Belgrade, and now at Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon. Since then, the group has always given importance to mobility, on the receiving as well as sending side. The most important cooperation in mobility it has with Instituto Superior Tecnico, which is bidirectional, and with Imperial College, which is also bidirectional. Also, there is cooperation with AVL Company from Graz, which includes trainings for some PhD students. Especially important dimension is on student level, in which students are encouraged to spend time in internships and study visits in foreign institutions, while the group is receiving at least one foreign student per year, and cooperation with the student organisations IAESTE and BEST. The group has always support a work of the Local BEST group Zagreb with providing them a technical or logistic support, particularly for the international courses, LBG trainings and the project Jamboree2002.

The role of FSB-UZ relates to the following: to carry out the Mapping Exercise in Croatia for the identification of national links related to mobility that could enrich the European Mobility Portal, to participate in the awareness campaign part of which is the organization of 2 workshops in Croatia, to implement a mobility legislation review in the Country and to prepare a mobility country report.

The key researchers to be involved with the project are as follows:

Scientific responsible:

Dr. Neven Duic is Head of Power Plants Technology Chair at the Power Engineering Department, FMENA, University of Zagreb. He also works as assistant professor at the same department and he is guest researcher in the Research Group on Sustainable Energy Development, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon. Currently he is project co-ordinator of 7 European projects.

Since 2003 he is a member of Advisory Board for Energy Tariff System Application to the Energy Regulatory Council. Since 2001 he is a member of Informatisation Committee of FMENA. Since 1995 he is setting up and moderating PowerLab - research and education computer laboratory of the Power Engineering Department. Since 1996 he is Managing Human Resources Development by taking care of undergraduate students majoring in power engineering, supervising PhD students, supervising and co-supervising final projects, receiving international trainees in PowerLab. Since 2001 he is member of local organising committee of Dubrovnik Conferences on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems and he was a Scientific secretary on the first conference. From 1999-2000 he was expert to the EU Presidency (held by Portugal) in Energy Technology Transfer and Capacity Building as part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change process. Dr. Neven Duic worked on fifteen successful projects and he has about 70 published papers, technical reports, conference abstracts. Dr. Neven Duic has particularly strong experience in mobility, having a part time guest researcher position at Instituto Superior Tecnico since 1994. He has spent more than 40 months working in a group at IST of Prof. Maria Graca Carvalho, with extensive experience in mobility. He is also a main responsible for receiving individual foreign students by the Group.

Prof. dr. sc. Zeljko Bogdan is Head of the Power Engineering Department, FMENA, University of Zagreb. Prof. Zeljko Bogdan is co-chairman of Dubrovnik Conferences on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems. Also, he is member of International scientific committee and Local organising committee of the same conferences. He works on INCO project "LIFECROCHP Sustainable Development of Croatia Capacity in CHP Sector" and several others. He has about 50 published papers, technical reports, conference abstracts, etc. In 1977 Prof. Zeljko Bogdan received MONBUSHO scholarship from Japanese ministry of education for his postgraduate study in Japan. In 1980 he finished his Masters on project "Promotion of heat transfer on the rotating disc" at Tohoku University.

Dr. Daniel Rolph Schneider is senior assistant at the Power Engineering Department, FMENA, University of Zagreb.

Dr. Daniel Rolph Schneider worked on seven successful projects and he has about 20 published papers, technical reports, conference abstracts.

From 1997-1998 Dr. Daniel Rolph Schneider attended postgraduate study of Mechanics of Materials, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, University of London.

Mr. Goran Krajacic is senior student at Power Engineering Department on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb. In 1999 he was elected for vice president of Croatian student association of mechanical faculties. In the year 2000 he was invited to join another student organisation, BEST Zagreb (Board of European Students of Technology). In BEST he has been involved in organisation of two summer courses and international BEST symposium. In 2001 he was member of cultural exchange LBG Zagreb-LBG Bucharest. In 2001 he was elected for Human resources responsible in BEST Zagreb. As Human resources responsible he attended TIGro's seminar (TIGro is Training interested group of BEST International) in August 2001 and he became an official BEST Trainer. In 2002 he was main organiser and coordinator for the project Jamboree 2002. This was a big student meeting, organised by BEST Zagreb in cooperation with TIGro committee, with more than 350 participants from 22 European countries. In year 2002 he also joined Local organising committee of 2002 Dubrovnik Conference on sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems. As a good student in 2002 Croatian Energy Council rewarded him with "Hrvoje Pozar's" scholarship. In 2003 he worked on project "Computer aided energy education: Introduction to Energy Management Online".

WEB-MOB project is an
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Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans - 2005-2007