Development of researchers mobility policy guidelines for the region of Western Balkans

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Title Description Research Area Country
Technical Faculty, Mineral and Recycling Technologies, University of Belgrade Leaching, chalcopyrite, oxidation minerals, waste water  -   Serbia 
Technical Faculty, University of Belgrade   -   Serbia 
Telekom Crne Gore a.d. Telecommunication, interconnection, operators  -   Montenegro 
The Institute for Oriental Studies in Sarajevo, University of Sarajevo Bosnia, Oriental Languages, History, Literature, Manuscripts, Cultural Heritage  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
University of Nis, Section for History Section for Archeology and Art History Section for Biomedica, Center for Scientific Research of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Unive   -   Serbia 
Veterinary Faculty, Clinic for surgery, ophthalmology, oncology and roentgen, University of Sarajevo Endoscopy  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Veterinary Faculty, Department Radiobiology and Biophysics, University of Sarajevo Radio nuclides, radioactivity, radio ecology, radio biology, radiation protection  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Veterinary Faculty, Food Hygiene & Technology, University of Sarajevo Food safety, public health  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Veterinary Faculty, Physiology, University of Sarajevo Diet, laying hen, yolk, lipid, cholesterol, fatty acid composition, rat, plasma, liver  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Veterinary Faculty, Roentgen logy & Physical Therapy, University of Sarajevo Radiographic techniques, ultrasound diagnostics, small animals  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo Veterinary medicine, health, protection, prevention control, contamination  -   Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Zemun Polje, Maize Research Institute Development of maize hybrids and soybean cultivars.Development of optimal systems of maize growing and utilisation.Production of fundamental and commercial seed of ZP maize hybrids and ZP soybean cultivars.Drying, processing, quality testing and storage of maize and soybean seed. Marketing and sale of maize and soybean seed.Development and implementation of R&D programmes.Implementation of projects related to maize and soybean production improvement. Education and advanced training.  -   Serbia 
Zitopromet a.d. SPUZ Flour (wheat, corn, rye, buck wheat), ready to use mixes  -   Montenegro 
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